Funnel Metrics Calculator

Does your website fill your sales funnel?

This Funnel Metrics Calculator will help you to understand the efficiency of your website as an inbound marketing engine.

Here is how it works…

Start by inputting your most recent website results in the yellow boxes in the table:  Your monthly visitors, the number of web leads  generated, how many leads are qualified into sales opportunities and how many become closed deals (over any period of time).

Now view the conversion rates in the table. The first column is the incremental conversion rate. This is the percentage converted from one stage of the funnel to the next.

The second column is the cumulative conversion rate. This is the aggregate percentage that convert from the top of the funnel to an individual stage (e.g., the conversion rate of website visitors to leads, opportunities or deals).

Just below the table is a graphical view of your funnel. This is your baseline. Your goal is to continuously improve the performance of your inbound marketing engine by improving these metrics each and every month.

Follow the 4 keys to Inbound Marketing Success

  1. Align marketing messages with your target audience
  2. Build an efficient inbound marketing engine
  3. Create compelling and authentic web content
  4. Drive new customer acquisition cost-effectively

Ensure that your marketing messages resonate with, and motivate, your target audience. Optimize your website to get found on the major search engines and convert visitors to leads.

Create content that maps to your buyer personas and the stages of the buyer’s journey. Follow the best practices for inbound marketing campaign execution.

Analyze your campaigns for what works and what doesn’t work – and optimize as you go. You should see more activity and higher conversion rates at each stage of the funnel.

Just complete the form to the right to download the Funnel Metrics Calculator. Then fill in your website metrics and see how your website performs as an inbound marketing engine.

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Funnel-Metrics-CalculatorHow effective is your inbound marketing engine?

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