Build Inbound Marketing

Build-gearsYour website can act as your best salesperson – by making a great first impression, articulating the value of your company, cultivating interest in your products and services and convincing potential buyers to select you over the competition.

As an inbound marketing engine, your website can generate traffic, deliver compelling content, capture sales inquiries and process orders. And with a little analysis and optimization, it will get better at converting visitors into buyers every month.

How can your website become a cost-effective engine that builds awareness for your brand and drives growth for your business? By combining compelling content with an effective web design and promoting it with active and authentic social media engagement. This is the formula for successful inbound marketing: the science of attracting buyers who meet a well-defined profile, educating them on the value of your solution and convincing them to make a purchasing decision in your favor. Does your website act as an inbound marketing engine for your business?

Here are my criteria for an effective inbound marketing engine:
  • A website that clearly communicates your customer value
  • Compelling content published in multiple media formats
  • Multiple landing pages with forms and content offers
  • An active blog with at least 1 quality post per week
  • Active social media with multiple posts per day
  • Educational content for all buying cycle stages
  • Blog posts with content-related conversion points
  • A growing contact list segmented into buying cycle stages
  • Ongoing lead nurturing campaigns to cultivate buyers
  • An increasing number of monthly website visitors
  • A decreasing bounce rate (site is abandoned after 1 page)
  • An increasing site conversion rate (visitor to lead ratio)
  • An increasing number of monthly qualified sales leads

The power of an inbound marketing engine comes from all of these elements working together in a coordinated fashion to produce continuously improving results. Inbound marketing is really “engineered marketing”. That means your website content is purposefully designed to match the primary interests of your buyer(s) with relevant content written from their point of view. Content offers (premium content gated by landing pages) are designed to be educational and relevant to their stage in the buying process. All content is designed to progress buyers through the stages of the buying cycle, helping them to establish criteria that is appropriate for their needs while showcasing your capabilities.

Do you have an inbound marketing engine engineered in this fashion? If not, I can help to create one, or optimize the one you have. If you want to find out more about inbound marketing, click one of the links below to contact me or request a free inbound marketing assessment.