Align Marketing Messages

Align-wheel-3You can execute every aspect of marketing perfectly, but if your messages miss the mark, results will be unsatisfactory. Developing your strategic marketing messages can be a difficult and complex endeavor.

Many consulting practices and workshops focus on this area and each one offers a variation on the same formula. If you follow the formula faithfully, you can bring order and structure to an otherwise chaotic planning process that involves your sales, marketing, engineering and financial executives.

Defining and aligning your marketing messages should not be an overwhelming challenge and it doesn’t have to be expensive to achieve. All it takes is an effective framework and methodology. By following a structured approach with definable outcomes, you can have a very productive planning process that produces concrete, immediately useable materials.

Here is a checklist of items you should address:
  • Key features of your product or service
  • Breakthrough innovations (your secret sauce)
  • Your competitive differentiation
  • Your focused target market segments
  • Buyer personas for decision makers
  • Their most critical pain points
  • How your solution removes this pain
  • Your quantifiable business value
  • The players in your market landscape
  • Top competitors and potential partners
  • Top sales prospects in your pipeline
  • Your best customers (and the reasons why)

These are the main ingredients of your value proposition and they must be in total alignment. For example, your key product features should remove significant customer pain and unlock compelling business value while, at the same time, offer a strong competitive advantage. You should have several customer examples that provide evidence of your business value and several prospective deals that match this profile in your pipeline.

Is your marketing message fully focused and aligned in this way? Does your website accurately tell your story and does it drive qualified leads that are ready for sales follow-up? Is your sales team completely aligned and enabled to articulate all marketing messages so they can close business consistently? If not, I can help to define and align your marketing messages so they result in more targeted and sales-ready leads. Click one of the links below to contact me or request a free inbound marketing assessment.